What Is An Orthodontic Emergency?

According to the Canadian Association of Orthodontics, more than 4 million people in Canada and the United States are under the care of orthodontists. Even then, orthodontic emergencies are quite rare, and many of the ones that do happen can be treated at home.

If you’ve just begun your smile journey and something has gone awry, worry not! Before you contact our incredible team at Alliston Orthodontics & Oral Surgery, try some of these home solutions we’ve put together for these different types of orthodontic emergencies!


Ligatures Come Off

Ligatures are either tiny rubber bands or small wires that hold the wires on your braces to the bracket. It may seem serious when it happens, but it isn’t as serious as it seems. If the ligature is sticking out and poking your lip or gums, we recommend that you push it back in place with sterile tweezers. After it happens, reach out to our team so we can check your braces and make sure there are no other problems!


Tooth Discomfort

You may feel some pain or discomfort while you are wearing your braces, especially when you’ve just begun your smile journey. You may also experience discomfort for a day or two after you’ve had your braces or retainers adjusted. This is perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about. This is just your teeth adjusting to their proper positions and the discomfort will fade with time. Try rinsing with salt water or eating soft foods until the discomfort subsides.


Protruding Wire

Sometimes, the wire on your braces might slip out of place entirely and irritate your mouth. You can try to fit the wire back in so it’s flat against your tooth using a cotton swab or a pair of tweezers. If the wire is very bothersome and you’re unable to visit our office, try clipping the wire back with a pair of nail clippers. It’s best to reach out to Alliston Orthodontics and have our experts inspect the wire for you if you are experiencing extreme discomfort or pain.


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