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I can't begin to even explain how amazing the staff have been with me here. Every person I have talked with on the phone and in person has been so welcoming and so supportive. Without getting into too much detail, Alliston Orthodontics made a huge positive impact on mine and my daughters life today, I don't think they realize how much they helped us. Thank you!
5 Star Review
Steph Kinnear
Dr Shapiro is a nice guy and a smart doctor. His ortho technicians and assistants are outstanding—friendly, supportive, compassionate and accessible. We are very, very pleased with our first kid’s orthodontic experience and it gives us reassurance and confidence as we progress with her treatments, and get our second kid started on this road. Highly recommended.
5 Star Review
Jennie Jones
I couldn’t have asked for a better orthodontist I am beyond happy with my beautiful smile I now have. Thanks to dr Shapiro and his amazing staff I will never forget how kind and welcoming they were from the moment I walked in. It was the most pleasant environment every appointment. I had a very reasonable payment plan and could not be happier with my results. Even though I had some bumps in the road and had to pause my braces for a little bit dr Shapiro always went above and beyond to help and make sure I was happy and comfortable and and I will always be grateful for the kindness shown to me. I will recommend Aliston Orthodontics for the rest of my life to anyone who is in need of a beautiful smile.
5 Star Review
jamie brown
They offered a great payment plan, great friendly service, and fabulous results! I wish they had been around when I had braces. All of my kids now have the beautiful smiles that give them the confidence they need to conquer the world!
5 Star Review
Tammy Boker
Our experience with Alliston Orthodontics has been exceptional. Dr. Shapiro, Leah, Shelley and all the staff have treated our family very well. All three of my children have had braces, the results have been incredible. To be honest they all looked forward to their scheduled appointments. Great work and thanks to everyone at Alliston Orthodontics.
5 Star Review
Rich Spinola
Alliston Orthodontics & Oral Surgery is the best orthodontic office in all of Simcoe County. The staff are incredibly friendly and professional. I have heard several complaints from friends who have other orthodontists in the area. I was always shocked because I have never had a single inconvenience at AOOS. Appointments were always scheduled perfectly, and my braces were taken off exactly when they were predicted to. Covid 19 did not slow down this office or my process getting braces. The office is great with communication, and I always felt well prepared for things by them. This location was able to give me a great payment plan considering I am a student. The day I got my braces off, I was given my retainer the same day, and I was given a treat bag full of snacks and treats that I was not able to have when my braces were on. You will not find somewhere to get braces that is better than this office. You will find your self completely satisfied if you choose Alliston Orthodontics & Oral Surgery.
5 Star Review
Chyanne Lachance
My both kids have braces done here. Few weeks ago my son's braces were removed and its amazing to see what a transformation and beautiful smile he has now. Great job ! Very friendly staff and clean environment . I recommend this place to anyone
5 Star Review
Pubudu Dassanayake
Where do I even start. They are AMAZING. We brought our son to them last year as he had a really bad cross bite. They took him THAT day and put his braces on. They are super knowledgeable, kind, compassionate team. We would recommend them to everyone and anyone. You won’t be disappointed. Our son will need a second set in a year or so, without a doubt we will be back.

Thank you AOS,
You are all awesome ! The Blundons !
5 Star Review
Nicole B
Loved this place from the second I walked in. Staff are all nice and Dr.Shapiro is always nice and is someone you can trust to make your smile perfect! Due to Covid my braces came off a little bit later than planned but after all the safety measures were made inside their building they were back up and makeing people smile again! Would recommend 10/10.
5 Star Review
Jordan M
The whole experience was great! At the start of the journey, I was even sent a surprise cookie gram! Everyone I encountered was very kind, professional and knowledgeable. I am now super confident with my new smile. I can not thank Dr. Shapiro and the team enough!! I highly recommend Alliston Orthodontics.
5 Star Review
Jasmine B
PHENOMENAL RESULTS, PHENOMENAL TEAM After countless consultation with other orthodontist, I was informed that my daughter's orthodontic issue could only be corrected through surgery. What an absolute relief following our meeting with Dr. Shapiro who advised that we in fact did not require orthodontic surgery, and was willing to start the process even earlier. They were very accommodating for last minute repairs and extremely friendly staff. 4 years later with no surgery, and the results are phenomenal! Thank you to Dr. Shapiro, a true subject matter expert in his f
5 Star Review
Okiela Delahaye

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