How Orthodontics Can Help With A Healthy Smile In 2021

When you think of orthodontics, you probably imagine that shy 12-year-old back in middle school primarily defined by bulky braces. To most, “orthodontics” is just another complicated way of saying braces. To break it down, yes, orthodontics is a field of dentistry, and it does largely involve the installation of braces and custom fittings for Invisalign. The primary focus of orthodontics is straightening out your misaligned teeth, however, there is much more to it than just that.

If you have decided that 2021 is the year to get your smile in check, here are some ways a trip to an orthodontist could help contribute to a healthier smile:

Proper Teeth Alignment

Crooked teeth can be disheartening, and if you are a victim, then you’ve probably had to endure some level of public discomfort. One of the major aims of orthodontics is to straighten out misaligned jaws and teeth.

Dr. Shapiro will typically begin by evaluating your smile through an x-ray and then fit you with braces or Invisalign that you’ll likely wear for some time, depending on the extent of the misalignment. It might be frustrating at first; you might even have to adapt smart eating habits with braces. Remember, treatment will lead to a straighter smile, which can translate to higher confidence levels and overall better mental health.

Improved Oral Hygiene

According to Colgate, straight teeth are easier to care for and clean. This will make it easier to get rid of any bad odours and particles of food lodged in your mouth. So, in addition to having a great smile, you get to save yourself from any oral related problems such as cavities, plaque, and tooth decay! Properly aligned teeth create a healthy environment, thus reducing any susceptibility to periodontal diseases as well.

Improved Oral Function

Another thing that orthodontics set to correct is misaligned jaws. As Dr. Shapiro continues to tighten the braces’ wires, your jaw gradually moves into place. What you get from this is a significantly more symmetrical face, and better chewing and motor functions.

Also, by treating the jaw, there is a reduction of stress on the bones and gums supporting your teeth. In turn, you get relief from any pain that may arise from underbites or overbites. This includes migraines, sleep apnea, chewing pain, or jaw popping. Since the jaw is restored to its healthy position, any pain or chewing problem ceases.

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As you’ve read, orthodontic treatment significantly contributes to a healthy smile, beyond just straight teeth. A consultation with our orthodontic clinic can help you achieve your smile goals this year! What better way to usher in the New Year than with a bright, healthy smile. If you still have questions about how braces or Invisalign could improve oral health, please fill out our contact form and schedule a free consultation! For immediate inquiries, call or text us at (705) 435-1315.